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We offer six apartments with 45 m2 each, divided into living room with panty kitchen, bedroom and bathroom


In all of our six apartments we offer air condition, Satellite-TV, free Wi-Fi and dishes for four persons


Spacious, partially roofed terrace with a large pool with a children area, deck-chairs, two big camin-grills


Only 500 m to the beach and several Tavernas close by to enjoy the famous and tasty greek kitchen

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Bálos | Apartments Blue & White | Kreta | Griechenland Beaches


Enjoy a day trip to the stunning Bálos beach with its powder fine sand beach. You can charter boats daily at Kíssamos (~ 20 km) to bring you to Bálos. More exciting is the drive with a car on the dusty gravel roads, climbing up the steep hills of Gramvoússa with fantastic views of the bay. Bálos simply is breathtaking, phenomenal, unbelievable, it is like a sensational poem that is made of sand.

Samaria Gorge | Apartments Blue & White | Kreta | Griechenland Nature

Samaria Gorge

With a length of 17 km Samaria Gorge is one of the longest gorges of Europe, with vertical rock walls up to 600 m in height and on its most narrow spot, the "Iron Gates", the gorge is just about 4 m wide. The gorge is one of the tourist hot spots of Crete, starting at an altitude of 1200 m at just about the middle of the island down to the shores of the Lybian Sea and can be visited from May 1st to October 31st.

Chrisoskalitissa | Apartments Blue & White | Kreta | Griechenland Sightseeing


On the southwestern corner of Crete the monestary of Chrisoskalitissa resides up on the rocks. Parts of the monestary can be visited by travellers, there is a small museum and a great view across the ocean. Maybe this or that person can also see the golden step hidden in the monestary stairs? Not far from the monestary is a small hidden bay beneath the rocks inviting travellers to take a break.

Elafoníssi | Apartments Blue & White | Kreta | Griechenland Beaches


The island of Elafoníssi (~ 50 km) is found on the southwestern end of Crete. The shore here is lined with fine white sand beaches, while the dunes are shining in a reddish color. Just about 50 meters seperate the island Elafoníssi from Crete, the water here is only about half a meter depp and pleasantly warm during the summer - you can simply wade the short distance to make your way to the island.

Botanical Park & Garden | Apartments Blue & White | Kreta | Griechenland Nature

Botanical Park & Garden

Accros roughly 20 hectares and opened in 2009 this garden is offering thousands of plants from all over the world and many different climate zones. More than 150 different types of fruit trees, many herbs, medicincal and ornamental plants blooming in scenically delightful surroundings and the walkabout through the hillside of the White Mountains is also offering lots of great viewpoints to visitors.

Venetian Harbor | Apartments Blue & White | Kreta | Griechenland Sightseeing

Venetian Harbor

The Old Venetian Harbor appears almost as a stage setting and is one of the most beautiful harbors of all of Crete. Many of the major points of interest of Chania can be found here: the Hasan Pasha Mosque with its prominent white dome, the big arsenals from back in the 15th century with their large storehouses and many shipyards or you simply take a stroll to the lighthouse at the end of the mole.

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